Welcome to the Electric Light Orchestra Light Years Ahead website.

This is a website that showcases my collection of 7" singles by the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO). ELO released 7" singles in over 40 countries across the world and the collection contains many rare and hard to find records. The site, which also contains as complete a worldwide 7" discography as possible, will be updated monthly to show all new additions to the collection.  

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the site.

Site Information | Updated 1st November 2019

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Discography | Updated 1st November 2019

Norway has been added as a new country under the 7" Singles Section.

Downloads | Updated 1st August 2019

The worldwide 7" singles discography can be downloaded in Microsoft Excel format either in order of release or in country order. Both of these documents are live documents and will be updated as and when releases are discovered or deemed void.

New Vinyl Release | From Out Of Nowhere

Jeff Lynne’s ELO have announced a new album, From Out of Nowhere, which will be released on November 1st 2019. Three vinyl editions will be available; a standard vinyl issue together with limited edition releases  in both blue and gold vinyl, the latter release a deluxe edition with a lenticular cover.